3″ Gear Tie Clippable Twist Tie


Clip one end, wrap the other, and add functionality with a twist to zippers, key rings, fabrics, or anything with a loop or D-Ring. It’s a great accessory clipped onto your ugo pack for wrenches or glasses.

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The Gear Tie Clippable Twist Tie is a colorful, compact way to add Gear Tie functionality to everyday zippers, loops, and rings. With a sturdy plastic S-Biner on one end and a tough, flexible Gear Tie on the other, you can attach the Clippable Twist Tie to a zipper pull and use the Gear Tie to more easily grip and zip jackets, luggage, backpacks, and bags. Bend the Gear Tie to carry a wrench or zip ties, hang keys, and organize cords or other small items you want to keep conveniently accessible. The Clippable Twist Tie can also be attached to key rings, belt loops, or other anchor points to carry small personal items as a keeper.

Product Details

  • Clippable Reusable Rubber Twist Tie
  • Use the Gear Tie as a zipper pull or twist & wrap it around smaller objects as a keeper
  • Attach it nearly anywhere to keep smaller items of all kinds right where you need them
  • Gear Tie Technology – Tough rubber shell provides excellent grip virtually anywhere, but won’t scratch or mark
  • Gear Tie Technology – Strong internal wire that holds its shape
  • Gear Tie Technology – Quick and easy to securely attach and detach
  • Gear Tie Technology – UV resistant – will not be damaged by extended sun exposure
  • Twist it, tie it, reuse it – Gear Ties!
  • Size #0 S-Biner Plastic is a durable, lightweight double gated carabiner clip – attach or store nearly anywhere!
  • Available in 2 packs in the following colors: Blue, Lime, Pink, Bright Orange, and Neon Yellow

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 4.2 × .5 × .3 in

Blue, Lime, Pink, Bright Orange, Neon Yellow