What works on the water? We know. Our collection of rowing lights and accessories is curated from our personal experience and love of all things rowing.

– Barb and Tom Kraft

The KraftLight Beacon™

The best performing lights for bow and stern. 

The KraftLight Beacons™ are our signature products, hand-assembled by the RowKraft team in Ann Arbor, MI.


  • Super bright: LEDs deliver 1+ mile visibility
  • Super light: weighs just over 4 ounces
  • Rechargeable: 8 hours of light per charge
  • Water tight: they float!

Our “go-to” rowing accessories

Shop the products we love to use.

We’re rowers, coaches and equipment managers. We only sell the products we’ve tested on and off the water. View our curated lines of:

  • the best in water safety, PFDs by Mustang Survival
  • the most useful devices from Stazo Locks to GearTies
  • many more of our favorite finds!

RS CAT16 Coaching Launch

  • – The CAT16 is designed for coaching, marshalling and rescue. Holds up to four people.
  • – Durable, Maneuverable, Affordable, Reliable
  • – Rotomolded, tri-lamination, polyethylene, motorized catamaran

RowKraft_004Our story starts with a friendly invitation

Our love of rowing began when some friends invited us to join them at a local “learn to row” class. While our friends haven’t rowed again, we haven’t stopped rowing since.

Off the water, Tom quickly took to the maintenance and equipment, and when he couldn’t find navigation lights for the boats that were designed to function well in the rowing environment, he began to design his own.

Read the RowKraft family story.

The lights are phenomenal and have significantly increased our hull visibility and vastly increased our safety on the water — you can quote me on that! Thank you for an excellent product with great support back up.

Nick Holland

Potomac Boat Club Men’s Team Bo’sun

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