Rowing Solutions RS CAT16

– The CAT16 is designed for coaching, marshalling and rescue. Holds up to four people.

– Durable, Maneuverable, Affordable, Reliable

– Rotomolded, tri-lamination, polyethylene, motorized catamaran

The world’s first rotomolded, tri-lamination, polyethylene, motorized catamaran

As seen at:

  • Royal Henley Regatta
  • Masters Nationals, Grand Rapids MI
  • US Rowing Nationals, Cincinnati OH
  • Scholastic National Regatta, Nashport OH
  • 2016 World Cup, Lucerne

The Specs


Hull length 15.5’
Beam – max 6.4’
Max draft 12’
Beam between hulls 5.4’
Aluminum deck 5’x8.2’
Height 6.2’
Width 6.4’
Length 15.5’


Without engine 440#
Heaviest allowable motor 121#
Baggage, outboard 341#
Max Load 992#
Weight fully laden 1455#

Available with or without:

TOHATSU Electronic Fuel Injection Motor

Maximum outboard size 20HP

See the CAT16 in Action!