The KraftLight Beacon™

The Right Light for Rowing & Boating

We designed the KraftLight Beacon™ to meet the rigors of rowing, but it can be used on most any small watercraft that needs to be seen after dark. It’s an excellent solution for sea kayaks, canoes, sailboats and aluminum boats — whether you’re fishing before dawn or paddling after dusk.

KraftLight Beacons™ are used and loved by rowers around the world because they are extremely bright, convenient to recharge with a USB cable, and float in water so you’ll never lose them!

Our customers value our attention to excellent service as well. Each KraftLight Beacon™ comes with a 1-year warranty: read our full policy here.

We assemble these lights by hand in our workshop in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We work to ship out products right away, however there are times when we are stretching to keep up with the demand for Beacons (Thank you!) and it may take a week or longer. As daylight becomes scarce in the fall and then again as spring rowing begins our soldering iron works overtime. Please contact us if you have specific deadlines and we’ll do what we can to work with you.

Key Features

  • Just the right amount of bright
    The Beacon’s 12 LED’s meet U.S. Coast Guard requirements for navigational lights with a minimum of one mile visibility. It’s bright enough to be seen from afar but soft enough that it won’t blind you if you’re rowing right next to it.
  • USB Rechargable
    No more buying batteries or worrying when they’ll run out. One charge of the Beacon delivers eight hours of continuous light. To recharge, simply plug the Beacon into any USB port after each use.
  • Light & Water Tight
    The Beacon weighs just over 4 ounces, making it easy to transport and adding an unnoticeable amount of weight for rowers and crews. The polyurethane shell is water resistant, and if you accidentally drop in the water, it won’t sink to the bottom of the river. Unlike many navigational boat lights, the Beacon floats!
  • Attaches easily to your bow clip. Permanent or temporary mounting options are available separately
    The Beacon can be affixed to the standard bow number clip on a rowing shell. If you do not have a bow number clip or want a permanent stern mount, the KraftLight Beacon Light Keeper™ with waterproof double-sided adhesive tape is available separately and can be mounted on most any hull. It can also be mounted to the deck with screws. Also available separately is a temporary mounting solution of a super strong suction cup with a safety lanyard.

Get the Light that Works on the Water